Our work speaks volumes.

From day one, 421 Group worked hard for us. They supported us at every step of the way: from permit application to initial approval, from surprise appeal to ultimate victory.

We came to 421 Group looking for significant help with our project. Our cultivation facility was slated to be located inside an existing industrial building – which happened to be near a residential neighborhood. Without the right plan, our project could falter in the face of opposition.

421 Group helped us develop the perfect strategy for our project. They created an informational booklet that covered common questions people might ask. They helped us work with City of Santa Rosa staff, commissioners, and councilmembers, and with community leadership. They contacted local residents, businesses, and property owners, teaching them about our project and demonstrating our commitment to the neighborhood.

In the end, 421 Group helped us earn the unanimous support of the City Council – and the respect of our new business community. We’re proud to recommend their services to others.

Brandon Levine
Executive Director, Mercy Wellness of Cotati
Compliance Director, Fleuron Inc.

For several years now, Left Coast Wholesale has worked with 421 Group on critical ongoing and one-off business initiatives.

As a small-business owner, I need to know that I'm making the right moves as I grow my company and diversify its offerings to meet the needs of an ever-changing market. Since 2016, I’ve seen positive results from augmenting my leadership with 421 Group's quality, high-level strategic support.

When I heard that operations pro Johnny Nolen had joined the 421 Group team, I immediately added HR Support to my services package. Johnny's past experience growing a team to have over 200 employees – and drive $30 million in annual revenue – made me feel especially confident that 421 Group has the best people to help me with Left Coast Wholesale's growth plan.

The HR Support from 421 Group has been exceptional, whether they're training my managers to be better team-builders, ensuring that policies are compliant and effective, or even helping me implement a progressive, remediation-focused disciplinary program in case team members get off-track.

I know I can trust 421 Group to deliver on urgent, highly sensitive projects, too. For example, not only did they produce a brilliant, on-brand slide deck weeks ahead of schedule, they went above and beyond to meet the new, unexpectedly accelerated deadline for it.

Without a doubt, 421 Group continues to be my go-to for growing my business.

Khanhvi Dang
Founder and CEO, Left Coast Wholesale

We’ve been working with 421 Group professionals for over a decade.

They’ve helped us through some of our biggest challenges, including managing an investment round and a 25-month corporate restructuring process.

They’ve helped us secure operating permits and build the structural backbone of a community-relations department equipped to support our team. 

We continue to work with 421 Group on special projects as they provide much-needed support to established entities in the cannabis space who are facing complex business issues, especially for the first time.

Erich Pearson
Founder and President, SPARC and Peace in Medicine family of companies

421 Group showed me how to build a business around my concept, supporting everything from product development to financial planning.

They worked seamlessly with my other professional-service providers, helping me give feedback and direction on logo concepts and branding, for example, and generally setting the standard for clear expectations, timely communication, and solid project management.

Most valuable to me was that their know-how improved my ability to organize and run the business.

As we launch and grow, it is great to know that the folks at 421 Group are just an email away from jumping in to help.

Alex Schroeder
Founder, Tetracert

The professional but laid-back approach of the folks at 421 Group was a huge help in the transition from backwoods farm to social media. They helped me set up my website and clarify my direction, moving forward.

If you're looking to scale up and market your business or product, these guys are top shelf!

Josh DeVries
Principal, Pattern Regeneration

I look forward to our next opportunity to work with Angie Harrison and the 421 Group.

Pisenti & Brinker LLP and 421 Group worked together to support a client through a highly complex finance project involving multiple entities. Angie and her team managed a complicated situation among diverse stakeholders through a very tight time frame. Essential to the success of the project was 421 Group's deep experience with the cannabis industry's unique challenges.

Jim Perez
Partner, Pisenti & Brinker LLP