As an industry, we're in transitional times and some are asking how to survive.

We're asking how you can be the next big thing in cannabis.

Talent Management

We help you build amazing teams that become the driving force behind your company's performance.

HR Support

Implement proven human resources practices to minimize turnover and ensure team members feel valued. Mitigate liability by engaging with team members in a legal, ethical, and sustainable manner. Navigate organizational changes collaboratively with your team.

HR Support  Service Overview –  click to view PDF

HR Support Service Overview – click to view PDF


Invest in your most valuable asset: people. Design roles that match your company's needs. Attract and recruit high-caliber talent through a holistic, white-glove process that protects your time and productivity. Ensure retention of new hires through a supportive onboarding phase.

PRofessional Development

Unlock your team's potential via strategic oversight and fulfilling work experiences. Create successful leaders who set goals and delegate effectively. Develop healthy communication through career mentorship and coaching. Improve management of time, tasks, and projects.

Public Affairs

We help you foster positive relationships to build support for your business and industry.

Community Relations

Build strong community alliances and a reputation that opens doors for you. Mobilize well-spoken allies to rally behind you at public meetings. Collaborate with local thought leaders to maximize visibility. Earn neighbors' respect and advocacy for your projects and company.

Government Relations

Decipher government processes and take action. Prepare your team to deliver written and verbal public comments to elected officials and agencies. Demonstrate professionalism in your applications and presentations. Secure local permits and state licenses.

Media Relations

Learn proven techniques to reach a greater audience. Craft precisely worded press releases. Gain free publicity from print, television, and social media through strategic actions. Train spokespeople to tactically communicate your message while reinforcing your brand identity.

Organizational Design

We help you create solid business strategies that can drive your immediate and long-term success.

Business Design

Identify what makes your company uniquely competitive. Make sound operational decisions based on financial reports and modeling. Identify your customers' needs through effective market research. Focus on what makes your company a leading brand and work to maintain that edge.

Strategic Management

Define measurable business decisions and outcomes. Create deliberate cycles of planning, implementation, evaluation, and adjustment. Refine operational techniques to grow your company thoughtfully. Hone your investor-relations skills and navigate negotiations confidently.

Sustainability Planning

Differentiate your company by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability in every aspect of your business model. Minimize your carbon footprint while saving money on operational costs. Strengthen brand perception and loyalty by promoting a culture of respect for people and resources alike.

Branding + Experience

We help you develop brands, products, services, and experiences that people love and respect.

Brand Strategy

Take control of your brand. Establish the right personality and tone for your business. Create a cohesive look and feel that reinforces your mission and identity. Stay on brand with professionally designed print and digital assets. Send the right message with polished marketing, press, and investor materials.

Product + Services DESIGN

Develop compelling products and services that delight and deliver. Build deep emotional connections to your offerings through user-centered design. Ensure consistent, memorable brand experiences at every point of interaction in the supply chain, from production to packaging to promotions.


Identify and understand your target audience. Analyze qualitative and quantitative data to gain invaluable insights. Make informed decisions about the offerings that will resonate with key customer segments. Strengthen your market presence by responding to customers' evolving needs and expectations.