As an industry, we're in transitional times and some are asking how to survive.

We're asking how you can be the next big thing in cannabis.

Organizational Design

We help create solid business plans that can drive your immediate and long-term success.

Business Planning

Unite your team around motivating mission and vision statements. Focus on what makes you better than the competition. Work to maintain that edge.

Strategic Management

Create deliberate cycles of planning, implementation, evaluation, and adjustment. Define measurable business decisions and outcomes. Balance responsibilities intelligently. Grow your company thoughtfully. 

Financial Tools

Make sound decisions using the financial reports you learn to develop. Back up your gut check with hard numbers. Choose your next venture using financial project-evaluation modeling. 

Investor Relations

Create compelling structured deals. Support your ROI and defend your valuation. Navigate the negotiations process with confidence.

Branding + Marketing

We establish an intelligent strategy for your company's identity and offerings.

Brand Strategy

Take control of your brand. Establish the personality and tone of your business. Create a cohesive look and feel that reinforces your mission and identity.

Product / Services Strategy

Develop offerings that align with your brand and product mix. Leverage sub-brands that resonate with your intended audience. Spend marketing dollars better by understanding your target market.

Critical Assets

Make it count. Get the attention you deserve when launching a new offering. Look polished with professionally developed investor materials, sales collateral, and permit applications.

Branded Must-Haves

Promote and protect your brand. Look good no matter who's looking. Let us design websites, packaging, swag, and other key deliverables that are always on brand.


Leadership Development

We help you build capable teams through training, coaching, and recruitment.


Invest in your most valuable asset: people. Ensure that existing talent is in a position to excel. Identify key hiring needs. Attract and successfully recruit high-caliber staff, contractors, and service providers. Keep team members happy and productive with smart onboarding and holistic professional development.

Training + Development

Grow a team of healthy communicators. Identify and nurture your team’s core competencies while reinforcing business basics. Improve your team’s skills in time, task, and project management. Help leaders succeed through effective goal-setting and delegation.

Executive Management

Gain a competitive advantage through capable leadership. Transition seamlessly during role changes, corporate-structure shifts, and facility openings and closings. Help your executive team grow through professional mentorship and coaching. Incorporate administrative assistance successfully.

Public Affairs

We develop procedures for your community, press, and government interactions.

Government Relations

Decipher local-government processes and take action. Guide policymakers and their staff toward industry best practices. Prepare your team to confidently give written and verbal public comments to government agencies.

Media Relations

Learn proven techniques to reach a greater audience. Gain free publicity from print, television, and social-media channels through strategic actions. Train your media spokespeople to effectively communicate with the public while reinforcing your brand and image.

Community Relations

Build strong community alliances and create a reputation that opens doors for you. Mobilize well-spoken advocates to rally behind your message at public meetings. Collaborate with local thought leaders to maximize visibility. Sway local regulations and permitting.