Our core team brings decades of experience fulfilling critical business, operational, legal, compliance, and marketing needs.

Craig Litwin



A seasoned political consultant and cannabis activist since 1994, Craig brings over 20 years of experience in the field.

A top signature-gatherer for Proposition 215, Craig went on to become a Sebastopol councilman and mayor, co-authoring one of the nation’s first dispensary ordinances. He’s testified before county supervisors throughout the state and has been a driving force behind Santa Rosa’s dispensary and cultivation ordinances and Clearlake’s rejection of a cultivation ban. Craig’s talent for designing and implementing sound policy—and skillfully engaging policymakers, community leaders, and law enforcement—makes him a strong ally. A champion of permaculture, Craig holds a BA in Ecology with Sustainability emphasis.

In his free time, Craig can be found outdoors with his family enjoying nature and looking for mushrooms.

Angie Monette Harrison


Angie skillfully orchestrates teams of passionate, intelligent experts who tackle complex problems—and eliminate fear of the unknown—with smart planning.

She excels at helping evolving cannabis companies integrate tried-and-true business practices and manage major transitions while balancing different styles, needs, and personalities. Previously serving as EVP of the SPARC and Peace in Medicine family of companies, Angie brings diverse experience working within and beyond the cannabis sector. A former student of the U.S. Naval Academy and of Sonoma State University’s School of Business and Economics, Angie endeavors to share and promote what makes the cannabis industry beautiful: a renewed interest in nature and politics, and cultural, health, and economic empowerment.

In her free time, Angie makes art and music with her husband and engages in philosophical debate with their beloved cat, Peanut.

RobertJacob 8805 square.jpg

Robert Jacob


A visionary entrepreneur and diligent community leader, Robert helps cannabis organizations grow and mature, operationally and politically.

With demonstrated leadership skills and business acumen, Robert has served as CEO of the SPARC and Peace in Medicine family of companies. He has a talent for navigating the nuances of business, finance, and growth, and has raised millions of dollars in investment capital for cannabis entities. A North Bay Business Journal 40 Under Forty award recipient, Robert pioneered a model for industry-leading cultivation facilities, manufacturing operations, delivery services, and dispensaries. His many accomplishments are shaped by a deep commitment to public service, and the former mayor continues to serve Sebastopol as a planning commissioner.

In his free time, Robert enjoys cooking, gardening, socializing with friends, and hiking with his dog, Harrison.


Julie Eickhof

Director, Creative Services

With a solid background in copywriting and editing and a sharp eye for design, Julie loves when all the little parts of a brand come together in a big way.

She enjoys a good challenge, from creating positive change within established organizations, to leveling the playing field for scrappy small-business owners. A keen newcomer to the cannabis industry, Julie brings over a decade of experience working in the tech industry and with in-house marketing and advertising teams. Her extensive education includes etymology homework at age five, a BA in Linguistics from UC Davis, and professional copywriting and design studies at Miami Ad School.

In her free time, she enjoys riding her motorcycles, MacGyvering things, and camping with her dog, Jake.

AmberRisucci 8790 square.jpg

Amber Risucci

Community Liaison

Amber deftly navigates the politics of local jurisdictions to help cannabis businesses comply with ever-changing laws and regulations.

Quick-witted and good-humored, Amber is a natural leader, hard worker, and enthusiastic community member. She has a knack for building strong alliances between residents and businesses, while using education to normalize cannabis and promote sound policy. A proven influencer with a deep understanding of human behavior, Amber's experience spans from heading up commercial television production to earning an AA in Early Childhood Education from Santa Monica College and UCLA Extension.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her daughters, going on adventures, and hostessing with the mostessing.

Cody Haws

Executive Administrator

Gracefully wrangling executives and projects alike, Cody manages the complex and ever-changing responsibilities of C-suite leadership.

A member of the cannabis industry since 2007, she’s known for her firm-but-gentle approach to task and people management. Cody’s tried-and-true strategies preserve accountability within every undertaking, and she demonstrates a deep commitment to ensuring that everything is done right the first time. With a solid background in administration and office management, Cody has an insatiable appetite for mastering new challenges.

In her free time, she enjoys caring for her two young sons, reading mystery novels, and daydreaming about gardens.

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